Author's Notes 01/01/13

So, Happy New Year and all that crap.

I just posted part of Chapter One. I think it's a bit too long to read in one sitting. The original Chapter One was about a quarter of the size so I have expanded a LOT.

I hope one day I will look back and think 'Ehh.... wasn't that bad.' Because right now I am sorely disappointed in my own efforts. If I could help it, I wouldn't look at it again but I have a feeling I need to do just one more proof read. Already done three and spotting things all the time.

I wanted to really make an effort to post the completed story here. It's bugging me that I haven't finished rewriting the whole thing yet, even though the original is finished (although poor work). It's one of my little goals for the new year, to develop better writing habits. So today I am updating ALL of my blogs, which you may find here. I still have one more fiction blog to post on, DVTJ, but I really wanted it done by midnight and I'm doubting it. This one post took me AGES. Simply AAAGES.

I opened the rewritten document around nine, I've spent about 3 hours checking it not counting watching 25min Ricky Gervais episode and taking a shower. And getting a drink. 3 hours to check over 7 pages in Calibri Size 12!! BAH.

I do hope, for anybody reading, that you enjoyed my feeble efforts. I honestly feel as if I have fallen out of love with this story, and as I hold all my creations quite close to my heart, I do feel a bit sad about saying that. But as I write, I know something is missing.

Well, actually, I think I say that about all of my work.

So... never mind.

Star xx

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